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Besides the long-standing culture of palaces, mausoleums or performances of Hue folk songs on the Perfume River, cuisine is also a typical cultural feature with  the unique identities of dishes that cannot be missed when coming to Hue ancient capital.

Hue cuisine is the crystallization of the creative process by many generations, heritaging Hue with 1,700 dishes from the royal court to the folk, out of about 2,400 dishes of the whole country of Vietnam. Hue cuisine is the interference of many regions, mixing, crystallizing and spreading of cultural regions. Hue culinary brand has become a national cultural product, tourism resources contribute to building Hue image in particular and Vietnam in general, is a outstanding destination of the region and the world.

Walking along the main streets to the river bank of Perfume river, Crossing the Trang Tien bridge to the Citadel, you can find the local delicious foods of Hue everywhere from the street vendors to the sidewalk , from the local stores to 4 wheels restaurants. During 4 hours from Hue Food Tours, you have chance to enjoy the Bun Bo Hue (Hue beef/pork noodle soup), Banh Khoai (pancake), Banh Beo (Beo cake), Banh Nam (Nam cake), Nem Nui (Hue lemongrass skewer), Che Hue (Hue sweet soup). Futher, the guide of Hue Food Tours will take you to the South Gate (main gate to enter to Imperial city), the flag tower, you won't be able to imagine how sparkling they are at night. End of the food tour at your hotel with a full stomach of Hue delicious foods is what remained after the trip. 


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