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Traveling is not only to visit the beautiful landscapes, but also enjoy the local featured foods, this combination is the best way to understand a culture. It is believed that food is also the culture, enjoying the food is experiencing the culture of the land that you are. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity when you go somewhere.

Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam and the capital of cuisine, but it is also located in the sunny and windy Central region, with many disadvantages in terms of location and natural conditions. Therefore, the cuisine here has its own characteristics, many dishes show ingenuity and sophistication in processing, but use a variety of simple and available materials that create attractive flavor that is hard to resist with food lovers.  we are "Hue Food Tour" honored to introduce to you some famous dishes in Hue that you definitely have to try when coming to our beautIful city.

Our scooter rider team will meet you at hotel lobby, riding on roads of Hue to try the top list of local food. 

Hue fish pancake (bánh khoái cá)
Beo cake (bánh bèo), Nam cake (bánh nậm) and Ram it (ram ít) 
Hue beef/pork noodle (bún bò Huế)
Hue lemongrass(chopstick)skewer (nem lụi)
Fetal Duck Eggs soup (trứng lộn um bầu) 
Sweet soup (chè)

Hue Food Tour on Scooter 


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