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Che bot loc thit quay: Che bot loc has small circle shape, made by tapioca. When the water is boiled, “bot loc” will be fished out from boiled water, used with sugar water. “che bot loc thit quay” is made from pieces roasted pork which is cut into small pieces. “che” has both sweet and salty so not cloy. Che dau ngu: It is the oldest type in Hue. “che” is cooked by skilful hand. The Hue often adds some peanuts and coconut milk to increase attractiveness. Che sen: “Che sen” is cooked according to Hue style. “Sen” is steamed and mixed with sugar until lightly boiling. When the sweetness of sugar penetrates into “sen”, they turn off stove. In order to have delicious “che sen”, people should watch out the fire, mix gently with enough time.

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